The World of Zoa

S5E2 - The "Dragonslayer"

The heroes decide to make camp despite the heavy snow. Shona scouts the area for shelter, but she is ambushed by a pack of dire wolves. She quickly casting puppet spell to pin the wolves against each other, while the others join the skirmish. Then a large ice wolf bust through the trees and begins creating havoc. A large battle ensues, but the heroes prevail, and the wolves are taken care of.

The heroes gather their belongings and continue up the mountain side. The brutal cold winter is sometimes unbearable, even though it has stopped snowing. The blanket of snow also makes traveling difficult.

The heroes reach the top of the mountain, and the path ends at a cave entrance. There’s an old, rusted iron gate, which is still surprisingly sturdy. Kraken examines the area for traps and discovers that the gate is rigged with poisonous needles. He quickly disarms it, and the heroes venture forth.


After traveling through a very narrow corridor for about an hour, the heroes come across a large chamber, resembling a temple room. The room is adorned with tapestries, pillars, and an altar at the other end. Jarl Thorkellson’s guards are having a discussing with Princess Jasmine, who is caged in the center of the temple. “You were taken by trolls, girl. Say otherwise and we’ll kill you where you stand,” commands one of the guards. “My father raised no coward! I will never betray him,” replies the princess. “More the pity for you then…” answers the other guard, but are interrupted by the heroes. The heroes are met with the rest of Thorkellson’s guards, and Jarl himself joins the battle. “You have foiled my plan, Kraken, but that’s okay, because tonight is the last night of your life.” Jarl draws a longsword that glows with a yellowish tint and rushes to attack Kraken. Kraken replies with, “You will all hurt, hurt really badly!” momentarily stunning the guards.

The heroes are able to defeat the guards, including Jarl, but not before he says to Kraken, “You think it was going to be that easy?” With a final command, a large black dragon appears and begins raining fire upon everyone, friend or foe. Guards run away in fear, some are engulfed.


Shona, thinking on her feet, quickly searches Jarl’s body for any clues, and finds a scroll inside a bone case. She sees that it’s a spell to control dragons; there are only six in existence! Grabbing the dragon sword, she begins to cast the spell.

Meanwhile, Kraken and Dragon find a way to save Princess Jasmine from the trap that Jarl has set up. Dragon casts a teleport spell to teleport inside the cage, and teleports out with the princess, but not before he suffers fatigue.

The heroes were able to rescue the princess, control the dragon, and escape the temple with their lives!


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