The World of Zoa

The Throne Room

The heroes entered the throne room using the key found in one of the guest’s quarters. Once inside, they see a large chamber and on the center a raised floor with a carved magical circle depicting a pentagram. As the heroes move further inside the chamber, they narrowly escape a trap: the floor gave way to a pit with spikes protruding from the ground.

Within the magical circle, they see the transformation of Lana Deverin, from her human form to a monstrous demon, holding a lighting sword in one hand and a flaming whip in the other.

As the heroes prepare themselves for the final confrontation, two more demons appear, one a dark winged creature, and the other a large skeletal beast! A furious skirmish ensues, and after a long and bloody battle, Lana Deverin and her minions are defeated!

The heroes receive a warm welcome from the remaining members of Sandpoint, and soon after leave the town behind, heading back home to Hannex…


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