The World of Zoa

Senira, Part Deux

Roger kicked the door with such blunt force that the goblins were surprised by the party’s rather harsh entrance. Tables, gold pieces, and playing cards flew everywhere, as the goblin guards frantically brandished their swords. But before they had a chance to hold their own, the party slain them all.

The room was a small guard room, furnished by an old rotted wooden table. The only exit was a door to the north, but it was magically locked. However, it was no match for the stealthy skills of Kraken.

The heroes found a large chamber, resembling a temple. Frescoes adorned the vaulted ceiling, depicting a large serpent. Already in progress was a ritual to resurrect Senira! A large reaper dressed in black tattered robes and wielding a poisoned sickle, stood guard alongside a demon-like human, as the high priest performed the spell on Senira.

A fierce battle ensued. Dragon fought one-on-one with the demon creature, as Shona tactically blasted the enemies with magical range attacks. But it was Vasilia who dealt the final blow on the reaper, after disarming him of his powerful sickle.

Out of nowhere the cavalry came, in the form of Princess Jenosha! And it was a good thing too, because the ritual was successful, or at least partially. Senira was been transformed into a large djinn!

It appeared that this was the end of the quest for our heroes, but at the last moment, they overcame defeat and were triumphant! Senira was destroyed… again.

Now the heroes are left with the question: Who are the members of the Vemon’s Cult and are the people of Sandpoint behind it?


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