The World of Zoa

S5E1 - The Climb

Eighteen years has passed since the heroes’ last quest. Roger has “retired” and lives in the village of Nishka, just south of the City of Zoa. Roger is well-known by the locals and has been given the name “Dragonslayer.”

It is currently the middle of winter, and a brutal blizzard is coming.

Kraken is now king of Zoa, and is married to Queen Jenosha. They both have a daughter, Princess Jasmine, who is seventeen and bethrothed to the prince of Marr.

The king and queen, along with the princess, travel to Nishka to formally announce the wedding to their friends, who have all been invited to join them. An evening of feast with Roger, Dragon, Vasilia, and Shona at the castle of the duke of Nishka is interrupted by a scream from the king’s chamber. Queen Jenosha and the kings guard, Ser Americ Ode were attacked. The princess has been kidnapped. Jenosha suffered a mortal wound and her last words to Kraken were, “All is not what it seems.” See Americ is found unconscious.

The heroes quickly follow the trail of the kidnappers. It appeared that a group of Blood Trolls have kidnapped the princess. The trail leads south, to the Hell Frost wastelands.

After a day’s travel, the heroes reach the Icy Cliffs: an unforgiving steep cliff covered in ice and snow. The trail leads upwards, which is a half day’s climb.

The trail continues to a clearing, with the mountain side caves in the near distance. The heroes are ambushed by a pair of winter wolves, but Shona quickly cast a puppet spell and forces the wolves to attack each other.

Visalia finds a pair of wooden boards with rope behind a brush. The boards are in the shape of Blood Troll footprints.



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