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Father Zantus Is Evil?

As Roger and his army battled the giant troll, Shona the wizard was seriously injured. The goblin dog was able to land a lucky blow. However, the tides quickly turned as Shona dug into her backpack, drank a healing potion, and quickly blasted the beast with a power magic missile spell!

The same could not be said of Sheriff Hemlock, as the relentless goblins dealt the fatal blow. As his body collapsed to the ground, the goblins began chanting their song, “We be goblins, you be dead!”

Kraken, while protecting the mayor of the city, fended off a couple of goblins with his new found magic powers, by casting a wall of fire, thus engulfing the evil critters.

As both Dragon and Vasilia had their share of goblins to deal with, Father Zantus casted a Flight spell and proceeded to attack them! Dragon was able to withstand the powerful blast, and Vasilia countered with a blast of her own, sending the evil priest to his death!

Roger’s army were no match for the troll, as his sweeping attack instantly killed them all. Roger and the giant beast were left to battle one on one, and after blocking and ducking the blows from his massive club, the fighter side stepped, took advantage, and impaled the monster.

After the few remaining goblins fled, Dragon and Shona followed them to a secret hole underneath the stage where the speeches from today’s festivities were held.

Roger and Vasilia were able to speak to the priest, before taking his final breath. It appeared that the attack was masterminded by an evil cult called the Vemon’s Cult. One of the original members was Senira, the heroes old nemesis, who was defeated twelve months ago in Zoa. Zantus tells Roger that Sandpoint was Senira’s hometown, and members of the cult (including Zantus), traveled to Zoa to return his body and bury him back here, in the hopes of raising him from the dead. The ritual is supposed to take place tonight, and Zantus’ family are the sacrifice!

Meanwhile, Kraken has decided to find Father Zantus home, but was ambushed by a group of goblins. Instead of fighting, he offered them a magical item. The goblins agreed, and took the bag of holding.

The heroes descended down the goblin’s hole, which lead to an old catacomb, buried deep beneath the town of Sandpoint. Upon arrival, they were presented with a long and dim hallway, with rotted wooden doors on either side. The stench of sweat and urine in the dungeon is overwhelming, and Vasilia has become nauseous from the smell.

Kraken discovered a trap; a long thin string running east and west, right before entering the hallway. As Dragon listened on one of the doors, beyond it he was able to hear the guttural sounds of laughter and shouts. Behind the other was silence, and upon further inspection, the party discovered a storeroom. Barrels and crates filled with rotted food, all contaminated with maggots! Hidden in one of the crates, however, was five alchemist flask of fire.

Finally, the heroes approached one of the doors in the hallway and decided to kick it open, to reveal a room filled with goblins, orcs, and humans sitting around a table playing a game of cards.


Sounds like a fun adventure, especially that epic card game at the end! Oh, and it’s nice to see some of Bruce Hirst’s molds being used in a game on the Portal!

Father Zantus Is Evil?


I’m still learning how to use this site, and constantly updating it. Haven’t told my players about this site yet, not until I have everything set up.

The “magic cards” you see in the picture are actual spell cards I created for the players! I used the Magic Editor Set program and customize based on the the spells they have. I’ll post some samples up online in the near future.

Hirst Arts is awesome, and combined with Dwarven Forge, it really makes our games come alive! Thanks for stopping by!

-PJ Rake

Father Zantus Is Evil?
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