Welcome to Zoa

ZoaWelcome to Zoa, where we follow the adventures of Dragon, Roger, Kraken, Shona, and Vasilia, five heroes destined to bring balance to world of Kalamar.

The story began a little over a year ago, when the heroes met at a lonely tavern in Hannex. Little did they know that their lives would forever change. Hired by a local baron to retrieve a magical item, it appeared that it was just another quest. However, soon they realize that evil forces were behind a conspiracy to overthrow the king of Zoa, and thus unbalancing the force of good and evil.

As the evil prince Andar of Amethyst continued to forge the Orb of Midnight (a powerful and evil relic with powers to raise the dead), his army’s loyalty continued to grow. With such a large army, the army of Zoa did not stand a chance. It was up to the heroes to find and defeat Andar.

With the help of Andar’s wife, Princess Jenosha, and the aid a lonely hermit with magical powers, the heroes set off to find the mithrall needed to complete the orb. This led them to the shrine of Dawn, a powerful and evil dragon, who was guarding the mithrall.

Once the dragon was defeated, the heroes learned that the king’s son has been poisoned by an evil wizard named Senira. The poison has turned the king’s son into a beast, transforming every evening at sundown and terrorizing the good people of Zoa and its neighborly towns.

The heroes soon discovered that weapons forged with the mithrall would rid of the curse and bring the king’s son back to normal. After a firce fight, the heroes prevailed, but not without suffering a few casualties, namely, the hermit Veoden, who happened to be the actual father of the king’s son.

Traveling back to Zoa, the heroes confronted Andar and defeated him, bring balance back to Kalamar.

This is the where the story continues…

Welcome to Zoa

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