Zoa holds the busiest market on Tellene. Farmers, herdsmen, and craftsmen from the dozens of small villages along the coast of the bay meet merchants from as far as Svimohzia and Kalamar here. Additionally, elves hailing from strange, far away lands alien to Tellene occasionally come to trade exotic goods.

Zoa exports shiploads of lumber culled from the Fautee Forest and chests full of gems such as emeralds, bloodstones, or lapis lazuli taken from the Ka’Asas. Textiles, silver, and sometimes gold leave the port year-round.

Because it produces surpluses of all of its own basic needs, Zoa imports exotic luxuries and oddities not available for hundreds of miles. Strange live animals, intricate spell components, rare spices, and powerful perfumes arrive on foreign ships. The port assaults the senses with screeching animals, brilliant cloths and the pungent odors of sailors and marines from around the world.

Recently there has been an enormous influx of dwarven and gnomish refugees. The humanoids have flooded the market with finely crafted weapons, armor and jewelry. There is growing animosity between the city’s long-time merchant guilds and these new craftsmen who charge outlandishly low prices. Thus far the council has kept the peace, but unless the outsiders leave soon the situation may change for the worse.


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