The World of Zoa

The Throne Room

The heroes entered the throne room using the key found in one of the guest’s quarters. Once inside, they see a large chamber and on the center a raised floor with a carved magical circle depicting a pentagram. As the heroes move further inside the chamber, they narrowly escape a trap: the floor gave way to a pit with spikes protruding from the ground.

Within the magical circle, they see the transformation of Lana Deverin, from her human form to a monstrous demon, holding a lighting sword in one hand and a flaming whip in the other.

As the heroes prepare themselves for the final confrontation, two more demons appear, one a dark winged creature, and the other a large skeletal beast! A furious skirmish ensues, and after a long and bloody battle, Lana Deverin and her minions are defeated!

The heroes receive a warm welcome from the remaining members of Sandpoint, and soon after leave the town behind, heading back home to Hannex…

The End of the Serpent's Cult

Previously in the world of Zoa…

The heroes entered abandoned tower of Lana Deverin, the mayor of Sandpoint, who happens to be the leader of a cult group called the Serpent Vemon’s Cult. She is gathering ingredients in the hopes of resurrecting an evil black dragon, who’s been frozen in ice since the dragonlace wars.

The entrance hall of the tower greeted the heroes with a room full of dead bodies, mostly human townfolks. Some of the dead walked, and attacked the heroes, but were no match for their superior fighting strength and abilities.

The heroes traveled deeper into the tower, and came upon a room with a elven princess that was lying in what appeared to be a guest quarters. Although at first thought to be dead, Jolly Roger woken her with a kiss. Princess Emilee, a princess of the Silver Vines, is now forever indebted to him.

In the tower’s outer Dining Hall, the heroes met Lady Chirpington, a grandiosely corpulent woman who has forever been cursed to live and eat from this room. After Jolly Roger prepared a masterful meal for her, she told the heroes that Lana Deverin needs to transport the dragon to to the throne room, which is found deep north of the tower.

After finding the key that opens the door to the throne room, the heroes are prepared to face what lies beyond the double doors…

The Tower of mayor Lana Deverin

Previously in the world of Zoa…

The heroes encountered a magic mouth as they prepared to resurrect Dragon. They are told of a cult group, led by mayor Lana Deverin of Sandpoint. Gathering ingredients from Beholder to raise a powerful and evil black dragon, that’s been frozen since the dragonlance wars.

After raising Dragon from the dead, the heroes confront the Beholder and after a fierce battle, the underground lair began to crumble. The heroes escape to a temple, where there’s a petrified statue of a black dragon, sitting atop a platform covered in strange circles of bluish runes.

The mayor, wearing a sunburned colored robed adorned with a crest of a serpent summons an army of walking dead and attack the heroes. She escapes through a secret door and heroes follow. Corridor leads out to the open field, where they discover a tower on a hill, about a mile away.

A Date With the Baron!

The heroes have rescued Gracelynn Shieldheart, Dragon’s mother, from the baron’s tower. However, as soon as they exit, baron Hackim and his army of dragonborn soldiers appear.

He challenges Kraken to a duel, but the heroes quickly attack the baron! The dragonborn soldiers enter combat, and a full-out skirmish ensues.

From the rooftop of the tower, Shona launches a series of ranged-attack spells, destroying the bridge, where the baron was fighting Kaos and Roger. Luckily, both Kaos and Roger fall to the edge of the moat. However, the baron, along with another dragonborn soldier, fall into the moat. A shadowy figure swims nearby. The current is too strong for the soldier, and he starts to drown.

The baron is swimming for dear life, but Kaos leaps over the moat, climbs the wall, and dives into the water, and with his great-axe delivers a crushing blow to the baron! As the baron drowns, he is ripped apart by the creature lurking in the water. The rest of the dragonborn soldiers flee.

The portal soon appears, and Samantha is on the other side. The heroes begin to step through one at a time, but they realize that Gracelynn cannot walk through the portal! Only the souls that first entered can return! Suddenly, the angel is struck by an arrow! She falls unconscioius, and the portal closes! Gondorf and his tribe of orcs have ambushed the angel, and attack the heroes!

The battle is not going well for the heroes. However, Shona tends to the angel’s wound and revives her. She quickly re-opens the portal, and all the heroes run through. The last thing they see as they leave is Samantha being surrounded by the orcs, but she quickly vanishes!

The heroes are now standing outside the Beholder’s lair, the place where Dragon died! They gather their strength, and are ready to bring their fallen friend back to life!

D&D III: The Search for Dragon

After the death of Dragon, the party frantically traveled back to seek out Samantha, the angel of the gods.

The road led directly to a large wooden clearing. However, instead of finding Samantha standing on top of the boulder, a violent skirmish was taken place! A group of orcs were attacking a half-orc, which appeared to be far more powerful, but was currently outnumbered. In addition to the orcs, there were two large creatures, one with mechanical claws and the other with a bloodied club, guarding the entrance of the hill.

The half-orc was Kaos, a powerful adventurer on a mission to avenge the death of his parents by the hands of Gondorf, the leader of the orc’s battalion. With the help of the heroes, Kaos defeated the orcs.

Then Samantha the angel appeared. She told the heroes that the only way to re-unite Dragon’s body with his soul was to bring back the tears of his mother to the place where his soul was claimed… the Beholder’s lair!

A portal was created by Samantha that led to the town of Wolfsbane. Once the task is complete, the portal will take them to Sandpoint. However, the portal will only be open until the following sundown.

The heroes, with the addition of Kaos, quickly entered the portal, and found themselves at the outskirts of Wolfsbane. At the town’s square, they found a welcoming pole, with various flyers and parchments attached to them. One was a poster with a reward for the capture and death of Kraken. It was signed by the current ruler, Baron Hackim!

The heroes saw the local tavern, “The Good Ale” and noticed that only one patron was inside, along with the owner and his two daughters, who were working as servants. The bar owner was pleased to see outsiders, and told the heroes they have been held captive ever since the tyrant Hackim raised an army and took over Wolfsbane. He also told them that Dragon’s mother, Gracelynn, is a “servant” of the baron and she is currently locked in the baron’s tower, at the south end of town.

Suddenly, a group of the baron’s army entered the tavern and demanded to know what business the heroes had in Wolfsbane. This lead to a battle, where baron’s men were quickly defeated. Soon after, the town’s bell rang throughout, and all of Wolfsbane reported to the town’s square, where the baron was about to make an announcement. As the heroes sneaked out through the back door, the baron spoke:

“People of Wolfsbane, a terrible danger to your baron and to Wolfsbane itself festers in the shadows of your fair town.

“But I, as baron and ruler, shall help you eliminate this danger. Though only a handful of malcontents hide within Wolfsbane’s walls, you are all guilty of not seeing the signs. Of not taking action. Of forcing my own hand in these matters.

“For that, each family must sacrifice one of its own. Fathers and mothers, bring forth one child each. I want to see this square painted red in their innocent blood before the sun sets this very day, for their innocence is the price of your guilt!”

Rest In Peace, Dragon

After defeating Senira for the second time, the heroes found themselves back at the main entrance of the dungeon. As they plotted their next move, Roger heard some voices coming from the stairs leading out. It was the voice of the Mayor of Sandpoint, informing a group of henchmen that Senira was dead and to trap the heroes! Suddenly, there was an explosion, and the entrance caved in! The heroes were trapped.

Looking for a way out, Kraken and Dragon entered one of the remaining rooms. The room was colder than the rest of the dungeon, so they walked in stealthily. Unfortunately, they entered the lair of a Beholder! His slumber has been disturbed and demanded payment in exchange for their lives.

A fierce back and forth negotiation ensued, but the heroes did not want to part with their most valued possessions. Time for battle!

The Beholder used the power of the telekinesis ray on princess Jenosha and with a bone crunching force, she was slammed against the wall! Although blows were made, the Beholder’s tough skin was too hard to penetrate.

Shona casted a mirror self spell and her doppleganger began searching through the treasure that the Beholder had accumulated throughout the centuries, but was soon discovered and a quick disintegrate ray blast put an end to it. Shona then decided to withdraw from combat in order to cast a magic missile spell but was suddenly knocked unconscious.

But the death blow came soon after Dragon attempted to cut off the death ray stalk eye. The Beholder recognized that Dragon was a potential threat and blasted him with the ray. Dragon was killed instantly.

After grabbing what he was after, the Flametongue sword, the Beholder was tired and decided to spare the rest of the heroes lives. Roger and Jenosha took the fallen heroes outside the lair, and Shona was given a potion of healing.

Unbeknown to the Beholder, Kraken hid in shadows and made his way to the Beholder’s lair, taking the Flametongue sword, and the Flametongue shield!

The heroes lost one of their own. But is this really the end of Dragon?

Senira, Part Deux

Roger kicked the door with such blunt force that the goblins were surprised by the party’s rather harsh entrance. Tables, gold pieces, and playing cards flew everywhere, as the goblin guards frantically brandished their swords. But before they had a chance to hold their own, the party slain them all.

The room was a small guard room, furnished by an old rotted wooden table. The only exit was a door to the north, but it was magically locked. However, it was no match for the stealthy skills of Kraken.

The heroes found a large chamber, resembling a temple. Frescoes adorned the vaulted ceiling, depicting a large serpent. Already in progress was a ritual to resurrect Senira! A large reaper dressed in black tattered robes and wielding a poisoned sickle, stood guard alongside a demon-like human, as the high priest performed the spell on Senira.

A fierce battle ensued. Dragon fought one-on-one with the demon creature, as Shona tactically blasted the enemies with magical range attacks. But it was Vasilia who dealt the final blow on the reaper, after disarming him of his powerful sickle.

Out of nowhere the cavalry came, in the form of Princess Jenosha! And it was a good thing too, because the ritual was successful, or at least partially. Senira was been transformed into a large djinn!

It appeared that this was the end of the quest for our heroes, but at the last moment, they overcame defeat and were triumphant! Senira was destroyed… again.

Now the heroes are left with the question: Who are the members of the Vemon’s Cult and are the people of Sandpoint behind it?

Father Zantus Is Evil?

As Roger and his army battled the giant troll, Shona the wizard was seriously injured. The goblin dog was able to land a lucky blow. However, the tides quickly turned as Shona dug into her backpack, drank a healing potion, and quickly blasted the beast with a power magic missile spell!

The same could not be said of Sheriff Hemlock, as the relentless goblins dealt the fatal blow. As his body collapsed to the ground, the goblins began chanting their song, “We be goblins, you be dead!”

Kraken, while protecting the mayor of the city, fended off a couple of goblins with his new found magic powers, by casting a wall of fire, thus engulfing the evil critters.

As both Dragon and Vasilia had their share of goblins to deal with, Father Zantus casted a Flight spell and proceeded to attack them! Dragon was able to withstand the powerful blast, and Vasilia countered with a blast of her own, sending the evil priest to his death!

Roger’s army were no match for the troll, as his sweeping attack instantly killed them all. Roger and the giant beast were left to battle one on one, and after blocking and ducking the blows from his massive club, the fighter side stepped, took advantage, and impaled the monster.

After the few remaining goblins fled, Dragon and Shona followed them to a secret hole underneath the stage where the speeches from today’s festivities were held.

Roger and Vasilia were able to speak to the priest, before taking his final breath. It appeared that the attack was masterminded by an evil cult called the Vemon’s Cult. One of the original members was Senira, the heroes old nemesis, who was defeated twelve months ago in Zoa. Zantus tells Roger that Sandpoint was Senira’s hometown, and members of the cult (including Zantus), traveled to Zoa to return his body and bury him back here, in the hopes of raising him from the dead. The ritual is supposed to take place tonight, and Zantus’ family are the sacrifice!

Meanwhile, Kraken has decided to find Father Zantus home, but was ambushed by a group of goblins. Instead of fighting, he offered them a magical item. The goblins agreed, and took the bag of holding.

The heroes descended down the goblin’s hole, which lead to an old catacomb, buried deep beneath the town of Sandpoint. Upon arrival, they were presented with a long and dim hallway, with rotted wooden doors on either side. The stench of sweat and urine in the dungeon is overwhelming, and Vasilia has become nauseous from the smell.

Kraken discovered a trap; a long thin string running east and west, right before entering the hallway. As Dragon listened on one of the doors, beyond it he was able to hear the guttural sounds of laughter and shouts. Behind the other was silence, and upon further inspection, the party discovered a storeroom. Barrels and crates filled with rotted food, all contaminated with maggots! Hidden in one of the crates, however, was five alchemist flask of fire.

Finally, the heroes approached one of the doors in the hallway and decided to kick it open, to reveal a room filled with goblins, orcs, and humans sitting around a table playing a game of cards.


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