The World of Zoa

The Tower of mayor Lana Deverin

Previously in the world of Zoa…

The heroes encountered a magic mouth as they prepared to resurrect Dragon. They are told of a cult group, led by mayor Lana Deverin of Sandpoint. Gathering ingredients from Beholder to raise a powerful and evil black dragon, that’s been frozen since the dragonlance wars.

After raising Dragon from the dead, the heroes confront the Beholder and after a fierce battle, the underground lair began to crumble. The heroes escape to a temple, where there’s a petrified statue of a black dragon, sitting atop a platform covered in strange circles of bluish runes.

The mayor, wearing a sunburned colored robed adorned with a crest of a serpent summons an army of walking dead and attack the heroes. She escapes through a secret door and heroes follow. Corridor leads out to the open field, where they discover a tower on a hill, about a mile away.


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