The World of Zoa

The End of the Serpent's Cult

Previously in the world of Zoa…

The heroes entered abandoned tower of Lana Deverin, the mayor of Sandpoint, who happens to be the leader of a cult group called the Serpent Vemon’s Cult. She is gathering ingredients in the hopes of resurrecting an evil black dragon, who’s been frozen in ice since the dragonlace wars.

The entrance hall of the tower greeted the heroes with a room full of dead bodies, mostly human townfolks. Some of the dead walked, and attacked the heroes, but were no match for their superior fighting strength and abilities.

The heroes traveled deeper into the tower, and came upon a room with a elven princess that was lying in what appeared to be a guest quarters. Although at first thought to be dead, Jolly Roger woken her with a kiss. Princess Emilee, a princess of the Silver Vines, is now forever indebted to him.

In the tower’s outer Dining Hall, the heroes met Lady Chirpington, a grandiosely corpulent woman who has forever been cursed to live and eat from this room. After Jolly Roger prepared a masterful meal for her, she told the heroes that Lana Deverin needs to transport the dragon to to the throne room, which is found deep north of the tower.

After finding the key that opens the door to the throne room, the heroes are prepared to face what lies beyond the double doors…


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