The World of Zoa

Rest In Peace, Dragon

After defeating Senira for the second time, the heroes found themselves back at the main entrance of the dungeon. As they plotted their next move, Roger heard some voices coming from the stairs leading out. It was the voice of the Mayor of Sandpoint, informing a group of henchmen that Senira was dead and to trap the heroes! Suddenly, there was an explosion, and the entrance caved in! The heroes were trapped.

Looking for a way out, Kraken and Dragon entered one of the remaining rooms. The room was colder than the rest of the dungeon, so they walked in stealthily. Unfortunately, they entered the lair of a Beholder! His slumber has been disturbed and demanded payment in exchange for their lives.

A fierce back and forth negotiation ensued, but the heroes did not want to part with their most valued possessions. Time for battle!

The Beholder used the power of the telekinesis ray on princess Jenosha and with a bone crunching force, she was slammed against the wall! Although blows were made, the Beholder’s tough skin was too hard to penetrate.

Shona casted a mirror self spell and her doppleganger began searching through the treasure that the Beholder had accumulated throughout the centuries, but was soon discovered and a quick disintegrate ray blast put an end to it. Shona then decided to withdraw from combat in order to cast a magic missile spell but was suddenly knocked unconscious.

But the death blow came soon after Dragon attempted to cut off the death ray stalk eye. The Beholder recognized that Dragon was a potential threat and blasted him with the ray. Dragon was killed instantly.

After grabbing what he was after, the Flametongue sword, the Beholder was tired and decided to spare the rest of the heroes lives. Roger and Jenosha took the fallen heroes outside the lair, and Shona was given a potion of healing.

Unbeknown to the Beholder, Kraken hid in shadows and made his way to the Beholder’s lair, taking the Flametongue sword, and the Flametongue shield!

The heroes lost one of their own. But is this really the end of Dragon?


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