The World of Zoa

D&D III: The Search for Dragon

After the death of Dragon, the party frantically traveled back to seek out Samantha, the angel of the gods.

The road led directly to a large wooden clearing. However, instead of finding Samantha standing on top of the boulder, a violent skirmish was taken place! A group of orcs were attacking a half-orc, which appeared to be far more powerful, but was currently outnumbered. In addition to the orcs, there were two large creatures, one with mechanical claws and the other with a bloodied club, guarding the entrance of the hill.

The half-orc was Kaos, a powerful adventurer on a mission to avenge the death of his parents by the hands of Gondorf, the leader of the orc’s battalion. With the help of the heroes, Kaos defeated the orcs.

Then Samantha the angel appeared. She told the heroes that the only way to re-unite Dragon’s body with his soul was to bring back the tears of his mother to the place where his soul was claimed… the Beholder’s lair!

A portal was created by Samantha that led to the town of Wolfsbane. Once the task is complete, the portal will take them to Sandpoint. However, the portal will only be open until the following sundown.

The heroes, with the addition of Kaos, quickly entered the portal, and found themselves at the outskirts of Wolfsbane. At the town’s square, they found a welcoming pole, with various flyers and parchments attached to them. One was a poster with a reward for the capture and death of Kraken. It was signed by the current ruler, Baron Hackim!

The heroes saw the local tavern, “The Good Ale” and noticed that only one patron was inside, along with the owner and his two daughters, who were working as servants. The bar owner was pleased to see outsiders, and told the heroes they have been held captive ever since the tyrant Hackim raised an army and took over Wolfsbane. He also told them that Dragon’s mother, Gracelynn, is a “servant” of the baron and she is currently locked in the baron’s tower, at the south end of town.

Suddenly, a group of the baron’s army entered the tavern and demanded to know what business the heroes had in Wolfsbane. This lead to a battle, where baron’s men were quickly defeated. Soon after, the town’s bell rang throughout, and all of Wolfsbane reported to the town’s square, where the baron was about to make an announcement. As the heroes sneaked out through the back door, the baron spoke:

“People of Wolfsbane, a terrible danger to your baron and to Wolfsbane itself festers in the shadows of your fair town.

“But I, as baron and ruler, shall help you eliminate this danger. Though only a handful of malcontents hide within Wolfsbane’s walls, you are all guilty of not seeing the signs. Of not taking action. Of forcing my own hand in these matters.

“For that, each family must sacrifice one of its own. Fathers and mothers, bring forth one child each. I want to see this square painted red in their innocent blood before the sun sets this very day, for their innocence is the price of your guilt!”


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