The World of Zoa

A Date With the Baron!

The heroes have rescued Gracelynn Shieldheart, Dragon’s mother, from the baron’s tower. However, as soon as they exit, baron Hackim and his army of dragonborn soldiers appear.

He challenges Kraken to a duel, but the heroes quickly attack the baron! The dragonborn soldiers enter combat, and a full-out skirmish ensues.

From the rooftop of the tower, Shona launches a series of ranged-attack spells, destroying the bridge, where the baron was fighting Kaos and Roger. Luckily, both Kaos and Roger fall to the edge of the moat. However, the baron, along with another dragonborn soldier, fall into the moat. A shadowy figure swims nearby. The current is too strong for the soldier, and he starts to drown.

The baron is swimming for dear life, but Kaos leaps over the moat, climbs the wall, and dives into the water, and with his great-axe delivers a crushing blow to the baron! As the baron drowns, he is ripped apart by the creature lurking in the water. The rest of the dragonborn soldiers flee.

The portal soon appears, and Samantha is on the other side. The heroes begin to step through one at a time, but they realize that Gracelynn cannot walk through the portal! Only the souls that first entered can return! Suddenly, the angel is struck by an arrow! She falls unconscioius, and the portal closes! Gondorf and his tribe of orcs have ambushed the angel, and attack the heroes!

The battle is not going well for the heroes. However, Shona tends to the angel’s wound and revives her. She quickly re-opens the portal, and all the heroes run through. The last thing they see as they leave is Samantha being surrounded by the orcs, but she quickly vanishes!

The heroes are now standing outside the Beholder’s lair, the place where Dragon died! They gather their strength, and are ready to bring their fallen friend back to life!


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